Are you an architect or interior design looking to cap off your project with a unique feature

Here at UD Bali-Stone-BaliPoolTiles we have an exclusive service for architects interior designers and landscape architects

Breeze block allows us to construct screens that are at once durable, functional and beautiful. They offer sun shading, weather protection, security and ventilation. All this comes with an added bonus of ornament and geometric patterns that can melt the most minimalist of hearts. By day, breeze blocks create romantic dappled light and cast extraordinary overlapping shadows.
All our products are well suited for external and internal applications as non structural elements. The blocks can be used to fill in spaces in construction but cannot typically be used to carry building loads.
Our unique Architectural Block separates and defines space and creates an openness like no other:
We look forward to being an invaluable part of your next renovation or construction project.